DEVMO.. Photo credit : Oscar Arias

The critically-acclaimed queer rap hip hop artist DEVMO just released a new single in time for Valentine’s Day. “Running Home” is a delicious ode to love track that strays from her usual formula. DEVMO fans will get a taste of the positive side of love and relationships with this song. Typically, the award-winning speed rapper spits out bars in retaliation to haters, cheaters, and the struggle to prove herself as a female in the rap game. But this time, she had a loving and positive experience to write about:

“I wrote this song when I was happily in love with my ex. Home is more than just a place. Home is where you feel loved and comfortable. My ex was home to me and every time I left for work or went out to see family and friends, I couldn’t wait to get back home to my person. Being in love happens in the little moments. Waking up next to your partner, making them coffee, cooking with them, brushing your teeth while your partner is showering, or doing laundry together. Home is where love happens and when you have that, you run home!”

DEVMO reached out to her friend FLAVIA, who shares her vocals on “Running Home”. FLAVIA, who also identifies as queer, is an electronic singer-songwriter and producer. She grew up in Ireland, Italy, and has lived in just about every corner of the US before calling Los Angeles her home. Her first single, “Till I Die” went viral reaching over half a million views in the first month.

FLAVIA. Photo credit: Ursus Magana

“Running Home” is available on all digital platforms here.

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