Sapphira Cristál Blooms With Gratitude On “Get Your Flowers”

Sapphira Cristál had an iconic run on the most recent season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, earning the title of Miss Congeniality. Today, she has released her new single, “Get Your Flowers”, a beautiful ode to gratitude that doubles as a certifiable dancefloor bop.

Listen to “Get Your Flowers”

“Get Your Flowers”

Written by Sapphira with Tazman Mekell Gillespie with production and additional songwriting by Ocean Kelly, and with its empowering message, a chorus you can’t forget, and some clever operatic flourishes, “Get Your Flowers” is a shining cut from the drag legend’s forthcoming new album (more details in the coming weeks).

Speaking about the track, Cristál noted: “The message of “Get Your Flowers” is twofold: it’s a love song to all the fabulous people in this world that I want to acknowledge for being their wonderful selves, and it’s a love song to myself, because I believe we should all see the value of giving ourselves flowers. I think it’s important to give people their flowers while they’re still here—to make sure they receive the love and acknowledgment others have for them.

“Get Your Flowers” is also a feel-good song for the summer! It’s for family gatherings and class reunions, something meant to be perfect to groove and dance to while celebrating love and happiness. The song ends with a line dance for all to be able to let go, give in, and free themselves on the dance floor!

What’s Next for Sapphira Cristál

Today’s announcement is just a part of an already booming year for the classically trained Sapphira Cristál, which also includes her Soundcake performance alongside fellow drag legends Monét X Change & Thorgy Thor at NYC’s Lincoln Center, the announcement of her forthcoming The Cristál Ball live tour, and her self-love anthem “Enough” (debuted by Paper Magazine).

Sapphira’s The Cristál Ball Tour will kick off July 11 in Vancouver, making hotly anticipated stops in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, her beloved hometown of Philadelphia, and many more. The Cristál Ball Tour will bring Sapphira’s limitless creativity and personal story to life with hilarious anecdotes, audience immersion and a mystical charm that only she could conjure. More info HERE and full dates below. Sapphira will be also giving a special preview of the tour in Provincetown, July 3-6 at Live At The Art House.