Lawrence Releases Funk-Inspired Fourth Studio Album Family Business 

The NYC soul-pop band fronted by Gracie and Clyde Lawrence releases their direct response to their most asked question, “What’s it like to work with your sibling?” 

Family Business is inspired by the 70s and 80s soul funk faves of Gracie and Clyde’s childhood: Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind and Fire, Randy Newman, Michael Jackson, Huey Lewis.

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Family Business

Featuring four recently released singles — “i’m confident that i’m insecure,” “23,” “Guy I Used To Be,” and “Family Business” — Lawrence makes music the way they think pop should be made: self-arranged live instrumentation that perfectly walks the line between being high-level “musician’s music” and easily accessible, highly energetic pop songwriting. Watch their trademark “acoustic-ish” renditions of each track here.

More than a family band making it big, Lawrence is a proud DIY organization, eight longtime friends turned entrepreneurs managing their own tours, running their own merch business, engineering their own sound, and staging their own headline tours. On Family Business, there are songs that directly explore Lawrence’s DIY ethos and their feelings about growing up together as a creative family duo. Alongside the business-themed “Promotion” and “Circle Back”, “Hip Replacement” asserts self-confidence in the face of the hype-driven Hollywood game, “Death of Me” explores feelings of burnout, and “Do” tackles the challenge of trusting your instincts.

Listen to Family Business 
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