Italy/Germany-based, collaborative Alt/Pop duo Anaté announce their latest single “One Last Time” from their debut album Confessions, due out this Fall. 

Produced while Andrea was traveling through Croatia, the electronic track is dark and brooding, surrounded by layered synths and Ana’s rich, echoing vocals. The pair have received thousands of streams with their latest singles that were released just this year, garnering more than 15,000 monthly Spotify listeners. LISTEN TO “ONE LAST TIME”.

 “‘One Last Time’ opens on rippling colors flowing into a dark, moody melody riding a potent rhythm composed of a side-stick snare and rolling bassline, imbuing the tune with haunting pulsations. Ana’s velvety, evocative timbres infuse the lyrics with spectral surfaces, at once edgy and mellifluous. It’s one of those voices both alluring and dripping with mystery.” says Celebmix.

Composed of singer-songwriter Ana and central producer Andrea, the pair say that the song is “about addictions and recurrent mistakes. It doesn’t point out any specific one… an unhealthy relationship, substance abuse, addiction to a bad job, self-harm, etc. It was inspired by the thought of how most of us experience some of this in our life.” Visit the website at Anaté (