MTRSS, a global collaborative music project and joint effort of musicians from Pacific Russia, New Zealand, England, Germany and the U.S., announce their collaboration, “Your Love,” (featuring Ariel Fitz-Patrick). The song was produced by CoH. The music video was directed by Alex Granger and produced by Luke Correia-Damude (Day Job).

“MTRSS explores and showcases what happens when those with a passion and gift for music – artists and digital alchemists alike – come together to create what they describe as order from chaos and chaos from order, relying on the power and importance of humanity and expression and exploring both through sound.“ says, PopWrapped.

Ariel is one part of The Fitz-Patrick Sisters who are ‘next generation’, millennial movers & shakers, who’ve been playfully described as the ‘Montreal’s version of ‘Mary Mary’. Their captivating performances, top-tier vocal talent and sheer good looks are elevating these young women on both social media and Montreal’s music scene, in a short span of time. Ariel will soon be debuting her single release as she launches out as a solo act. Her powerful vocals and smooth tone commands listeners to take note. Although she still sings with her sister on concert dates Ariel is exercising her freedom to push the envelope musically as a solo artist.

Trending in the right direction, The Fitz-Patrick Sisters and Ariel were featured at The Glass Awards in Toronto, which will broadcast on Yes TV and Global TV. WATCH “YOUR LOVE” .

Ariel Fitz-Patrick of The Fitz-Patrick Sisters.