The Women’s International Music Network welcomes Lucky Lamond as their newest content contributor

The Women’s International Music Network are so pleased to announce a new member to the team. Lucky Lamond is the new content specialist and blogger for the WiMN website.

Lucky Lamond is San Francisco-based, San Diego-raised artist, writer, and creative producer Stephanie Lamond. Her debut album Carry Them All’s vivid lyrics and musical textures pay homage to the immigrant Irish and Chinese American cultures that created her, while remaining singularly rooted in her California upbringing, and she continues to record original music and contribute to recordings as songwriter, engineer, and session musician.

A lifelong member of the music industry, she cut her teeth backstage and on the PR Team at the NAMM Show and has since carved a niche for herself as creative producer, project manager, and writer, with contributing credits including KMD Productions and its One and Dunn Podcast, Women of NAMM’s Revoicing the Future podcast (where you can also catch her guest hosting), The Wild Honeypie, and the DIY publication The Danger!Sound.

Through it all, her passion and mission are to elevate authentic human expression, because by telling the stories that make us who we are, we free those who come after us to be all they can be. Visit her website at Lucky Lamond.