Slovakian indie-folk-rock songstress Karin Ann has joined forces with Imogen Heap to release the remix of the latest single from her debut album through the telescope, out May 10th. 

Heap’s remix of “false gold” is less your average club dance remix and more an intricate blend of electronic textures, vocal layering, and dreamlike soundscapes. 

While Heap produced the remix, her signature vocals are actually AI-generated by a model developed in-house with her team making this release the first recording we hear with Imogen’s ai voice companion, ai.mogen. 

At just 21 years old, Karin Ann is poised to make a big entrance onto the global music stage.

The rising star demonstrates a remarkable command of various musical styles and a fearless approach to tackling complex themes of love, identity and mental health. Produced in collaboration with Benjamin Lazar Davis and Will Graefe of Okkervil River, through the telescope showcases Karin Ann’s versatility as she segues from folk and buzzy rock to gothic disco and a wide range of musical inspirations including Mazzy Star, Stevie Nicks and David Bowie. 

“I’m a bit hesitant when it comes to remixes because I like for the artistry or my songs to stay intact, but collaborating with Imogen Heap for the “false gold” remix has been beyond amazing. it was a very easy process because I was immediately in love with what she made. Her production style brought a whole new vibe to the track that I couldn’t have imagined. It’s a surreal experience to have someone I’ve long admired contribute to my music in such a meaningful way. Imogen’s remix perfectly complements my style of music and my album very well and I’m incredibly grateful for the magic we’ve created together.” — Karin Ann

“I’m forever working on so many projects and songs that are long term… all about the journey, or something like that … so it was deeply satisfying and freeing to work on someone else’s music for a change and then have it be released soon after. I see this remix as a kind of letting go and having fun.” — Imogen Heap

Meet Karin Ann

Karin Ann’s music delves into themes of gender equality, mental health, and human rights, exploring the inner struggles of youth, including topics like young love, toxic relationships, and insecurities.

She also touches on her experience growing up as a queer woman in Slovakia. Initially drawn to the arts as a coping mechanism for her ADHD, Karin pursued art and graphic design until a hand injury forced her to withdraw from art school. Inspired by Grace VanderWaal, she found solace in songwriting on her ukulele, leading her to explore music as a form of expression.

Karin Ann has made a mark in the alt-pop scene since starting her musical journey at age 14, with Noctis Mag describing her as having the unique ability to craft “a lyrically cinematic experience.” Recognized as the “Discovery of the Year” at the Czech Republic Music Awards, Karin Ann has also been featured on a Times Square billboard as part of Spotify’s EQUAL Music Program and in 2021, she won Best Music Video at the Munich Music Awards. She has played shows with LP (Laura Pergolizzi), Imagine Dragons, Alfie Templeman, and My Chemical Romance, garnered support from BBC Radio 1 (UK) and has been featured in Vogue, Vanity Fair, Bild, and Elle. With a social reach of 180K+ followers, including Instagram, Spotify and YouTube, her influence continues to grow.

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