By Myki Angeline

“I want to believe in my whole human race.  ‘Cause I see myself in every single face.” 

Lyrics taken from “Rise”

Veronica May’s latest single “Rise” speaks volumes on where we are as a Nation, and how we must come together to overcome what is dividing us. The video shares her vision with an enchanting choreographed routine by various dancers from every background and ethnicity.  As to what inspired the lyrics, “The song was written shortly after the elections. I feel as a country we are becoming more and more divided. More numb to everything happening around us. I wanted a song to wake all of us, including me, up. Katie Scofield, a dancer and fan-turned-friend choreographed the song. I let her do her thing and she nailed it. The first time I saw it I cried.” says May.

The Colorado-native, now based in San Diego has been playing and writing music since the mid 80s, and is skilled on the guitar, piano, and drums. Not only a musician, she is also an advocate for human rights, especially mental illness.  May has been living with Bipolar 1 Disorder and utilizes her gift of singing and songwriting to empower others. Setting her words to melody, May is the voice of hope for smashing the stigma around mental illness.  In 2019, she is set to release her autobiography titled, Open Book which will outline three major manic episodes and is written from her perspective, the perspective of family and friends, and the perspective of her mental health team.

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