Los Angeles rock group Beauty in the Chaos has released the music video for their song, “Look Up” featuring Tish Ciravolo, founder of Daisy Rock Guitars. The track is on their debut album, Finding Beauty in the Chaos, which is out now. The music video was directed by Vicente Cordero and produced by Industrialism Film. 

The project was created by LA guitarist Michael Ciravolo and Grammy-nominated producer Michael Rozon. Ciravolo explained:

“Once I set up my turntable, I immediately listened to a bunch of vinyl from the late ‘80s, 4AD period, and shoegaze. Cocteau Twins, Lush, Slowdive and, of course, My Bloody Valentine. Inspired, I picked up my guitar and run it through an excessive amount of delay and reverb.  Once I hit on that main riff, I knew it would be a perfect song for my wife to sing. I thought she delivered a melodic and lyric homerun.”

His wife Tish Ciravolo adds:

“When you randomly meet someone and instantly know that you want to create a history with them, that is what I call magic. Everyone’s family history is different but I wanted to change what I had grown up in and create a loving home life including dogs, cats, and kids… My fear is now, with the advent of cell phones, that people are so busy looking down at their phones they are missing life.  See the moon outside my window?  See the stars up in the sky?  There is magic in the air – don’t miss that magic, that chance in life to randomly meet someone that you want to create a history with and LOOK UP.”

To learn more about Beauty in the Chaos and to order their album, check out the band’s official website