Louisville rising artist Sarah Beth Tomberlin, or more commonly known as her stage name Tomberlin, has shared “I’m Not Scared,” off her debut album At The Weddings set to be released on August 10 via Saddle Creek.

Tomberlin describes “I’m Not Scared” as:

It is abrasive, heavy, but packaged delicately. I feel like many people view women as such — shrill and emotionally burdensome but responsible for consistently presenting themselves pleasantly. Gentle and affable – their warmth a tool to heal often with no regard for the state of the body and mind that warmth permeates from. Women, and especially queer, trans, non-binary and gender nonconforming people, have such a capacity for pain. Physical, mental, emotional, psychological pain. This is a hymn-like song in the way that it moves melodically. A reflection on that suffering. I didn’t realize the full meaning when I wrote it. The weight of the song didn’t hit me until I was listening to the final recording. It is kind of like leaving a person or situation that is really abusive and not realizing how much it affects your psyche until you’ve removed yourself completely. You look back and you realize you are strong, even though that is the last word you would use to describe how you feel.

Tomberlin has announced a record release show at Union Pool in Brooklyn, NY August 14. For more information, visit her website.