Ask the Experts – House of Worship

​Working Audio in House of Worship presents some challenges that are different from working in studios and live events in clubs, theatres, arenas and stadiums.​ Great live sound requires careful planning, the right gear, paying attention, and making the right decisions. This certainly comes into play at complex church services.

Saturday August 21, 2021 from 11:00am PDT – 1:00pm PDT (Virtual Event)

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What differentiates church programs from concerts and festivals is that a service can be like a whole festival in one act. Very often, church services also entail multiple audio configurations, with all of the variations of music and presenters, the service needs to be planned and executed with the precision of a live TV variety show and they pull it off seamlessly.

Join us for Ask the Experts – Mixing in House of Worship. This is your opportunity to get your questions answered about working in House of Worship, with Samantha Potter, Brian Maddox, Beckie Campbell, and Issac Moreno. You can learn about the panelists here.