Join the Songs for Good 2020 Challenge, a one-of-a-kind songwriting competition to crowdsource a new soundtrack for democracy to amplify engagement in the people’s movement. Songs are the soul of a movement. And that soul is in all of us. We need to sing it out, loud and clear. Your voice is the future. Let’s hear it.

Submissions are open. Deadline to enter is June 30 – so don’t delay, enter today!

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The Songs for Good 2020 Challenge is a songwriting contest to amplify civic engagement movements.


A. Harnessing the power of music for movements to reach the 3.5% of the population needed to win (Chenoweth 2013).

B. The first platform to crowdsource new songs for current movements and designed for use in mobilization.

C. Encouraging community building in recording of songs to further amplify the movements and fuel participation.


April 30 – June 30 : Submissions accepted ($10 suggested donation per submission)

July : Three rounds of voting: (1) Songs for Good team & associates (2) Partner movements (3) Public

August : Awards announced. Top rated song professionally produced (record and video) featuring Madame Gandhi on drums.

Fall : Top 5 rated songs used by partner movements and potentially performed by artists at benefit concert(s).


• Original
• Easy to learn
• Universal, inspiring message
• No mention of political figures, candidates or legislation
• Recording: without instrumentation (Required); with instrumentation (Optional)

TRACTION (as of May 1, 2020)

Movement Partners: March for Our Lives, RepresentUs, ZeroHour, BridgeUSA, National Children’s Campaign, Sunrise Movement-Bay Area

Music Industry Partners: Jammcard

Music Industry Ambassadors & Advisors: Madame Gandhi, Two-time GRAMMY-nominated Alphabet Rockers, GRAMMY-nominated Camilo Landau, Jack Piatt-Jammcard Director of Operations, Antwan Davis, Zoe Ellis, Lisa Forkish & Indigo Mateo