New Jersey’s Indie-Pop Duo SOHMA Releases Sweet “Overexposure”

Feeling like a merging of Echosmith, Misterwives, and a sweetness entirely their own, SOHMA debuts with a strong sense of self and an endearing plea for peace.

“I’ve really been going through a lot these past few months with losing my sweet baby kitty Chaya (who meant the world to me) and then almost losing my own life in a car crash on June 9th that left me with a spinal cord injury,” confesses Jess Kenny of NJ-based sparkle pop duo SOHMA. “In addition, there’s been a massive degradation in my mental health, being out of work and unable to enjoy life as I did before. But healing/grieving takes time .. a little longer than I had hoped.”

Thankfully, however, Jess found healing in Sohma and the release of their debut single “Overexposure” released via 7hz Recordings. “’Overexposure’ is a song that talks about the reality of going through the heavy things life throws at you while trying to remain open and soft towards the world, a scary and vulnerable reality,” she explains. “Like a photo developing in a darkroom, just to end up faded because the camera’s aperture had stayed open too long… It’s an overexposure.”

“Without playing a ‘victim’ role, ‘Overexposure’ is about the reality of human suffering, which is universal,” she continues, thinking about her grief over her cat Chaya. “Sometimes how we react to the things that hurt us and staying soft towards the world isn’t so easy. Keeping space open in your heart can feel like a chore sometimes.”


While the subject matter may seem a bit weighty, the music is anything but. A percolating alt-pop confection that blends cutesy, electronic-fuzz-pop with a dash of sparkly-emo indie, it’s “the floaty feeling you get right before the mushrooms kick in, but in audible form.” A magical marriage between The Sundays’ ethereal shimmer with Belle & Sebastian’s bright pop, “Overexposure” is a glitter-infused track that injects a bit of happiness into a somewhat maudlin music industry. Written with producer Kyle McCammon (Jenny Owens Young, Ron Pope, Maiah Manser), creation of the track was as effortless and elemental with Jess and musical partner / best friend Mike Baron. “The process between the three of us was so natural and the pieces sort of just came together,” she explains. “We started with some guitar and a vibey track which sparked my inspiration for the lyrics/vocal melody

Poised to release more music in 2024, Sohma is gearing up for an exciting and bright future ahead. “We’re more than ready to share who we are with the world. including all the different sounds and stories that we have,” Jess concludes. “To put it simply, kindness and compassion are free and there’s enough for everyone. Having empathy for one another, showing love and acceptance is what allows us to feel more connected and supported. As a person who struggles with mental health, I find these practices help me feel less alone.”.”

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