Maddie Regent Releases Electro-pop Wonderland EP, “Girl of Your Dreams”

Rising alt-pop singer and songwriter Maddie Regent reveals her new EP, ‘Girl of Your Dreams,’ out on all streaming platforms.

‘Girl of Your Dreams’ is a shimmery, electro-pop wonderland. Across the EP’s 8-tracks, Maddie’s dreamy vocals dance atop driving electronic beats and glittery synths. She effortlessly balances heart-wrenching lyricism with uplifting pop melodies. The EP, which was produced by her boyfriend and close collaborator Cade Hoppe, includes 5 previously released singles and 3 brand new songs: “Buy Her a Drink,” “Prettiest Please,” and “Hiding Place” (focus single).

“‘Girl of your Dreams’ is about how bad love conditions you to believe you’re not worthy of good love… so you can’t help but ruin it,” says Maddie. “It’s a cycle of toxic relationships — both with others and yourself.”

Hailing from Toronto and now based in New York City, Maddie first started making music at the age of 12. As an introverted child, music became her tool to express herself and work through her anxieties, helping her to find power in her vulnerability. After years of honing her sound, she’s found the perfect balance between escapist pop bops and raw, honest songwriting.

Maddie first broke out in 2021 with her impressive debut EP, ‘MISS REGENT,’ which was produced by Grammy-nominated songwriting and production trio, LIONCHLD (Britney Spears, Bebe Rexha, Calvin Harris). Her song “EGO” became an instant fan-favorite with multiple viral TikTok moments. With the release of her new EP, ‘Girl of Your Dreams,’ Maddie displays her growth as an artist and songwriter, as well as her ability to transcend genre boundaries.

Listen to ‘Girl of Your Dreams’ on all streaming platforms: