The LIVE: Front & Center Podcast With Shira Yevin

Learn about the launch of and why it’s a game-changer for women in the music industry

In this episode of LIVE: Front & Center, host Myki Angeline talks with Shira Yevin about the launch of her new website  Shira is the founder of Gritty In Pink, and the CEO for INPINK.

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Myki and Shira talk candidly about why INPINK is such a valuable resource for women in music. They share personal experiences with toxic men in the industry, and how INPINK will be vital in connecting the music community.  Plus, Shira makes a special announcement! is a marketplace network to hire female creators, talent and professionals. Industry pros and partners can diversify their teams by hiring a female freelancer on the site! Customers can browse, using diversity tags to filter providers by groups, including POC, Queer, and more. Both women and men can join the movement to achieve gender equity and equality in the music industry, and beyond.

Gritty In Pink began as a monthly event in LA in January 2020, featuring the legendary All Girl Jam. The event rocked for 3 epic months, creating a tight-knit community, and filling a void in the male-driven LA scene. Over 50 prominent female musicians played, including Eva Gardner (bassist for Pink, Gwen Stefani). When the pandemic hit, Gritty In Pink expanded digitally: they successfully launched an IG live fundraiser series, raised thousands of dollars for charities, and created an exclusive online network, which led to the INPINK marketplace.