The WiMN welcomes Holly Knight to the LIVE: Front & Center Podcast

The multi-platinum songwriter, producer and 2013 Songwriter Hall of Fame Inductee talks about her book, I Am The Warrior: My Crazy Life Writing the Hits and Rocking the MTV Eighties, how her song, “The Best” was licensed for a commercial that played during the 2023 NFL Super Bowl, and more.

In this episode of the LIVE: Front & Center podcast, host Myki Angeline talks with multi-platinum songwriter and producer, Holly Knight! Our topics of discussion include her new book, I Am The Warrior: My Crazy Life Writing the Hits and Rocking the MTV Eighties, the hits she wrote in the 80s that are now being used in Superbowl commercials, hit television shows and films. Plus, Holly Knight shares her method for writing songs, and Le Crush, the all-female super group she created!

Her book is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and everywhere books are sold, as well as her audio book, which is available on Audible. Visit her website at: Holly

A vital force behind the sound of some of rock’s most powerful female artists, Holly Knight’s iconic musical imprint is woven into the very fabric of the MTV generation. Her songs have withstood the test of time, remaining firmly entrenched even in today’s pop culture. She is one of only a handful of women inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Songs she has written and co-written have appeared on records totaling more than 300 million in record sales. “Love is a Battlefield,” “Simply the Best,” “Invincible,” are some of those mega hits.