Photo by Anthony Kimata

Orlando-based, R&B-infused American Tongan songstress/guitarist, Leilani Wolfgramm, releases her latest single, “Live Wire” ahead of her new EP due out in January, along with a national tour with The Green.

Wolfgramm has been a performer since age 7, writing her first song at age 13. She signed with Raleigh Music Group in 2016, and has shared the stage with iconic acts like Ziggy Marley, Incubus, Dirty Heads, Tribal Seeds, Sublime ft. Rome and New King.  Ladygunn magazine premiered the new track saying, “‘Live Wire’ turns a critical eye on the perils of a culture where we continually chase the dragon of artifice and public approval, numb to the agony of it all, until we ultimately implode.”

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