Jennie Harluk. Photo Credit: Fadi Atiyeh

Calgary artist Jennie Harluk kicks off 2022 with a new chest-squeezing anthem, “Be Your Friend”. Layered with lush piano chords, the track navigates through the gut-wrenching nostalgia and longing of wanting to be intimate with someone again. It applies to any ex whom you can’t friendzone due to all the history and leftover emotions that linger in the aftermath of a breakup.

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The slow-burning production paired with Harluk’s silvery croons leave its listeners in an emotional suspense before the cathartic choruses skyrocket us:

We both know it’s dangerous pouring liquor on an old flame
Cause it burns just like a wildfire in summer

Harluk shares: “‘Be Your Friend’ is a simple, beautifully melancholy track about the inner struggle of seeing a person you’ve parted from but still love and realizing you don’t want to be friends with them; you don’t want to pretend there’s no history, you don’t want to be civil – you want them back. Even if it hurts, or isn’t right, you can’t help but feel that pull to familiarity, comfort, and nostalgia of an old love.”

“Be Your Friend” is the first single of 2022 and a glimpse into what Harluk has in store for us this year. The track is the follow up of her latest releases “Just Like That,” “The Fool” and “Blame It On Me” which have garnered praises from the media including American Songwriter, PopWrapped, Broadway World, Spindle Magazine, The Honey Pop, and more.

For Harluk, music runs in her DNA. Her earliest influences can be attributed to her father, who is an accomplished artist and performer himself. From the age of two, she was bouncing to rock bands like AC/DC in her jumping chair. By the time she turned 10, she was already performing regularly and writing songs. Through both her sound and style, Harluk continues to push her artistry as she toys with elements of different genres while delving into intimate narratives of romance, self-exploration, heartbreak, and growth. Her talent has led to sessions with renowned producers around the world including Nathan Ferraro (Virginia to Vegas), Derek Hoffman (Juno-nominated producer), and Andy Park (Ariana Grande, Neon Trees). With more songs under her sleeve, Harluk will be treating her listeners with new music before unveiling her upcoming EP.

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