By Gabriella Steffenberg

Miriama Broady wants you to “help support grassroots music education for girls and women in Gambia” to change lives! The musician and music teacher has been working in the music field for over 20 years through her rock school program.

The Groovy African Ladies (GALS) Music School is in Gambia, located on the coast of West Africa, and this crowdfunding campaign is set to create a lasting music program there. “The vision is to establish the first and only music school for girls and women, and ultimately the first professional all women band and events/entertainment production company in Gambia.”GALS

Looking to fund for one full year, the fundraising goal for GALS is $14,500, which will include music materials/instruments (including six acoustic guitars, two electric guitars, and two bass guitars), room/board for five months, transportation, stipend for the apprentice, stipend for guest programs and field trips, and office materials such as a telephone and a computer.

Help support this important cause, and give women in Gambia the opportunity to let music positively shape and empower their lives. Find out more about the cause and watch the video accompanying the IndieGoGo by clicking here.