Picture by Female:Pressure
Picture by Female:Pressure

Female:Pressure, an organization aiming to strengthen networking, communication and representation between women working in the fields of electronic music all around the globe, recently published eye-opening statistics about the lack of female musicians in electronic music festivals.

The data includes information about festivals in more than 20 countries, and reveals that some failed to have any women on the bill, and some as few as one or two.

Because of that, the organization decided to launch Perspectives, a festival exclusive for female musicians, taking place Sept. 12-13 in Berlin.

Globally active DJ and musician Susanne Kirchmayr (known as Electric Indigo) recently talked to U.K.-based publication The Wire about the festival.

“We are a network – a kind of swarm of people,” she said. “We are not a group of people who are political activists. Our main agenda is to make art. What we really want to do is to create and to make art under positive conditions, and the festival is one way to create these conditions.”

Learn more about Female:Pressure and the Perspectives festival here.