Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Eleni Mandell has shared the music video for her song, “Circumstance,” which will be on her upcoming album, Wake Up Again, set to be released on June 7 on Yep Roc Records. The record was inspired by Mandell teaching songwriting classes in two southern California women’s prisons.

The music video premiered on LA Times where Mandell explained that, “Looking around and seeing their lives there — the lack of color, the drabness — that’s both the metaphor and very literal: Those are the only colors they are allowed to wear. I always thought that if color is something you take for granted, how much it must feel like it’s the end of the world to live in a place where you can wear only one color.”

“Circumstance” was composed of stories from two of the inmates. Mandell further explains, “One of the women just blurted out one day, ‘I didn’t do what they said I did. It just happened.’ She’d been in prison for 29 years, and I thought ‘Wow, what is that like? You’ve done something that could land you in prison for 29 years — more, because she wasn’t getting out anytime soon — and also believe at the same time, ‘I didn’t do it; it wasn’t me.’”

For more information, check out Mandell’s official website.

Wake Up Again Tracklisting:
Be Together
Just Herself
Box in a Box
Oh Mother
What’s Your Handle (Radio Waves)
Empty Locket
Ghost of a Girl
Wake Up Again