Covet Debuts Vibey “Firebird” Single and Video from their Forthcoming Album, Catharsis

Guitar virtuoso and 2022 She Rocks Awards Honoree Yvette Young fronts rock band Covet, and for her, their new single and video carry a special meaning. I got to connect with Young about the story behind the song and catch the group’s rockin’ performance at New Parish.

She shares, “I named this song after the first car my mom bought when she arrived in the US. It was a bit of a flex but she worked her ass off and had 3 jobs at the time to support us. I feel like that car symbolized the excitement of being in a new place of possibilities and I always imagined her driving along the coast with wind in her hair just experiencing euphoria and wonder at the unknown.

It’s just a reminder that it’s ok to dream a little – I hope when you hear the song it fills you with hope and takes you for a windswept joyride.”

With the video and song, Covet nails it. Young’s guitar tone is straight out of an 80’s LA club, with one excited Youtube comment calling it ‘wiggly’. The bandmates’ grins in the video are infectious (it’s worth noting that a few of them have rotated since its filming), and the scenery and energy of each scene are an effervescent transport to a warm California day.

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Thanks to Yvette, I was able to make it to their Noise Pop 30th Anniversary set at Oakland’s New Parish last week, and in their current iteration, Covet sounds TIGHT. Their palpable joy to be playing together radiates offstage. Special shoutouts to the lush tones of bassist Brandon Dove’s electric violin; endless respect for a bandmate who adds volumes while never overwhelming. Jessica Burdeaux on drums is a force to watch, with her energy and technicality dancing perfectly with Young’s phrasing in conversation that’s both bafflingly complex and totally in sync.

I’m still finding myself with “Firebird” on repeat, and it occurs to me that one of my favorite aspects of Covet’s music and Young’s guitar style is how accessible it is, even for those less well versed in math rock. The intricacy of its wildly creative rhythms intertwining with Young’s twisting and turning melodies is incredibly fun to listen to. I often hear people get overwhelmed when dipping their toes into the genre, and now I know to send them straight to Covet’s deep catalogue to train their ears and come along for the ride.

Speaking of ‘ride’, I found myself opening this article stating “Firebird” is more than just a romp in the sun, but that didn’t feel quite right.

The triumph of the song and the story of Young’s mom’s Firebird is in its simplicity. Let it be just a romp in the sun. Aside from the struggles more often shown in media, immigrant stories are filled with small, hopeful moments, and that is an energy worth uplifting and celebrating.

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