New week, new goals… right? Easier said than done. Sometimes trying to achieve these goal can feel overwhelming and daunting. So with that being said, here are 5 Positive Affirmations for Musicians to remember throughout the work week 💪🏼 

1.) For when you feel like you’re not successful enough.

I am growing. Every expert in their field started somewhere! It’s okay to not be ready. Everything in life takes time – and I am prepared to take this wonderful adventure one day at a time.

2.) For when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

One task at a time is enough. I am doing the best that I can! Everything will work out at the pace it is meant to. I have as much time as I need. 

3.) For when you don’t feel good enough.

I matter and what I offer to the world also matters!

4.) For when you didn’t achieve something you were hoping for. 

I am so thankful for everything I have achieved in my life. I have been grateful to do amazing things and meet amazing people. I am living my dream and look forward to having more great memories. Buy innosilicon g32 mini

5.) For when you feel like a #boss! 

I have the power to create change! I am focussed, persistent, and will never quit. 

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