By Pauline France

Last month, U.K.-based online publication M Magazine gathered an impressive group of accomplished women in music to address a variety of industry-related challenges in a roundtable discussion.

Among the ladies in attendance were Shelly McErlaine (singer, songwriter, producer), Helienne Lindvall (songwriter, author, journalist), Adrienne Aiken (producer, songwriter, director at MPG), Paulette Long (PRS deputy chairman, Westbury Music director), Mandy Oates (director Eaton Music Publishing), Sarah Richardson (head of digital, Anorak PR), and Kelly Wood (live performance official, secretary to Gig Section, Musicians’ Union).

Some of the issues addressed include the male to female ratio imbalance in the industry, challenges women face while trying to climb the success ladder, and more.

Take a look at a brief excerpt from the interview below, and visit M Magazine’s website here to get the full scoop.

M: Is it as easy for women to work their way to the top?

Paulette: While there are definitely more women than ever in the low and mid tiers of the music industry, there’s a third level at the top – the big boys – and women haven’t penetrated that. I think it’s generational and in the next 10 years we’ll move up and become part of the heavy pack.