The Weird Sisters Capture Wanderlust in Nostalgic Road Trip “Waiting So Long” Video

Musical duo, The Weird Sisters, have released their latest music video for the eagerly anticipated single “Waiting So Long.”

This track marks the first glimpse into their upcoming space disco album slated for release next year. The video premiered on Wednesday, December 13 on their Youtube channel

The music video throws views right into the duo’s road trip from Dallas to Nashville, all shot with a Panasonic Omnimovie. You’ll catch glimpses of different places they hit up, from Dealey Plaza in Dallas to Choctaw Casino in Durant, Oklahoma, and more spots like Hot Springs Arkansas, Bennington Oklahoma, and Lake Hugo. The video’s heartbeat thumps along with a steady percussion, keeping that travel spirit alive. It’s like each drumbeat is a step forward on their road trip, syncing perfectly with the song’s rhythm.

On a road trip back to Nashville from Dallas, we stopped every few miles when something caught our attention.”

“Passing the camera back and forth led to hours of midwestern impressionism,” says The Weird Sisters. “We filled up a whole tape, but unfortunately this is the shortest song we have ever recorded. It was our first time in that part of the country. Really good steak.”

Evocative vocals also encapsulate the song and video’s nostalgia and retro aesthetic. The lyrics evoke a sense of longing and change, painting a vivid picture of memories and moments captured in time. With verses like “A landscape full that once was Barren / turned away but I’m still staring,” the song and video both encapsulate a wistful yearning for moments past.

“Waiting So Long” was produced, filmed, and edited by The Weird Sisters. The song was produced and recorded by The Weird Sisters, mixed by Mike Fahey and The Weird Sisters, and mastered by John Baldwin at Infrasonic Mastering.

The duo’s new full-length LP Who Are The Weird Sisters? releases February 3rd 2024. The album will be available digitally and on vinyl, worldwide.

About the Weird Sisters

Gabrielle Lewis and Izaac Short’s musical partnership is a testament to the magic of opposites attracting, breaking math down into the very essence of the sum being greater than its parts. Izaac’s funk-infused guitar and heavy hitting vocals combined with Gabrielle’s ethereal soul-melting keyboards and saxophone creates a musical synergy that defies convention.