Watch Clairo Cover Vashti Bunyan’s “Winter is Blue” and Celebrate her Memoir, Wayward, Just Another Life to Live

The songstress’ contemplative rendition is a fitting tribute to an authentic life story now being told.

Vashti’s life and journey is the stuff of myth. Some thirty years after abandoning her career as a musician and songwriter, Bunyan’s 1970s album Just Another Diamond Day was embraced by the young artists of the emerging Avant-folk movement of the early 2000s, and she was invited to collaborate with the likes of Animal Collective and Devendra Banhart. Just Another Diamond Day was re-issued in USA in 2004 to overwhelming critical acclaim. Vashti then proceeded to write and record two ecstatically received albums of masterfully gentle songs, Lookaftering (2005) and Heartleap (2014) and to tour internationally.

Next, after another hiatus came her autobiography Wayward, Just Another Life to Live, now available in hardback for the United States by the publisher White Rabbit (Orion), with a revised edition being issued in paperback later this year. The book fulfills a promise she had long ago made to her children, and re-tells what has become one of the great English counter-culture myths of the 1960s.

The lyrical nature of the writing reflects her songwriting style, spare, understated in places, but emotionally compelling. Illustrated throughout with photographs and her beautiful line drawings, the book has received much praise in the UK since its release in March 2022, and has found a place in many ‘best of year’ lists.

Listen to the original and pick up a copy of her memoir to be transported back to a very singular time in UK music history.

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