The National Parks’ New Album 8th Wonder Is All About Getting Out Of Your Head And Into The Outside World

“The overarching theme of this album is getting out of our heads, getting into nature, and experiencing the world around us with the people who matter the most,” says guitarist, vocalist, and namesake of his band, The National Parks, Brady Parks.

The record he’s speaking of is their fifth full-length album, 8th Wonder, and it’s out now. Along with Megan Parks on violin, Sydney Macfarlane on vocals and keys, and Cam Brannelly on drums, The National Parks want listeners to feel the rush of running and jumping into a lake at full speed; the feeling of the clouds parting and bathing in the warm sun; or being met with a gust of cool, morning air upon stepping outside. These are the sensations being translated into song on 8th Wonder.

Fans and critics who have already bonded with tunes like “Trouble,” “Sunshine,” and “8th Wonder,” ahead of the album’s release are sure to find just as much fun and inspiration in the album as a whole, just in time for the budding spring and summer ahead.

The entirety of 8th Wonder is now available to stream or purchase at this link, and tickets for The National Parks’ 8th Wonder Tour can be purchased at

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