Photo: Ross Harris

Have you ever wondered how the tools of your trade can be crafted with the climate in mind?

Visionary artist Beatie Wolfe was inspired to explore just that via her guitar. ‘TREES & SEAS’, an Eco-Doc from the artist, celebrates local conservation initiatives, from a NOAA abalone rewilding project to Taylor Guitar’s reclaimed urban wood initiative. On November 29th at 6:30pm, Beatie will screen the documentary in Los Angeles.

In ‘TREES & SEAS’, Beatie takes us on a journey from a new urban wood waste circular economy to a NOAA aquaculture restoration initiative, which draws wisdom from the Chumash. Following the screening, Taylor Guitars’ Director of Natural Resource Sustainability (and former Greenpeace forestry director) interviews Beatie Wolfe about her environmental art journey. This will be followed by comments from NOAA’s Melissa Neuman and others who feature in the documentary.

What: Private Screening
When: 29th November at 6:30pm
Where: Private Cinema, The Aster, 1717 Vine St, Los Angeles, CA 90028