By Gabriella Steffenberg

thunderbitchJust when you think you can’t fall deeper in love with Brittany Howard of Alabama Shakes, she pulls even harder on your heartstrings. A mere four months after the release of the musical marvel that is Sound and Color, Howard surprised the world this past week with yet another gift: Thunderbitch.

With their bio stating, “Rock’n’roll. The end,” Thunderbitch’s debut LP displays that, and then some, in all of its edgy glory. With tracks titled “Leather Jacket,” “I Just Wanna Rock n Roll,” and “Wild Child,” Thunderbitch is a heavenly rock’n’roll masterpiece.

A standout track is “Eastside Party,” which has clear nods to 1950’s rock, with the instrumentals paying homage to Grease classic, “Greased Lightning” packed with a punch.

You can stream the album for free here on Thunderbitch’s official site, as well as purchase the LP on iTunes for $8, or order your own vinyl via the Alabama Shakes merchandise shop for $15.

Thank you, Brittany Howard.