Samantha Margret Goes Bond with “The End”

In her villain era, as the kids say, Samantha Margret has released her most “Bond”-esque track yet in “The End”.

One of my favorite aspects of San Francisco-raised, Los Angeles-based artist Samantha Margret’s music is her immersive world building. Each track feels cinematic in completely different ways, and in “The End”, we enter the moody credits of a James Bond film, or at its slick heights, my personal favorite, John Wick.

Ever the crooner with characteristic control of her voice, always striking the line of close emotion and expanse, Margret moves masterfully from restrained belting (such a contradiction, I know, but she can do it!) to soft chest voice. The impeccable production we’ve come to expect from a Samantha Margret track ebbs and flows in full force here, this time from the mind of producer GR1MM of the band Prinze George. My personal favorite is the organ subtly laid throughout.

She tells me, “Kenny (GR1MM) and I were at a writing camp together, and we wanted to write something dark and slinky. We definitely had James Bond music in mind. I think we even watched a few Bond intros for inspiration. It was really delightful to dig into the bigness of Bond music.”

“It’s very high drama (just like me).”

Give it a listen… can’t you just see the John Wick walking up to a club somewhere in Europe that just happens to be taking place in a historic ruin or building into what we know will be an epic fight, spotlights and neon radiating from the interior, with the bass of “The End” hauntingly echoing out in anticipation? Or in the melancholy baited-breath final moments before a certain recent sunrise showdown? Just me? Someone place this in a feature, people!

Congratulations to Samantha Margret and her team on another fun release.

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