Swedish pop icon Robyn has unveiled her new track, “Honey,” which is also the title of her upcoming album set to be released on October 26 via Konichiwa Records. This will be her first record since her 2010 album Body Talk. Robyn is notoriously known for her hit song, “Dancing On My Own,” which was featured in the finale for the first season of HBO’s Girls. The show’s writer and producer Lena Dunham asked Robyn to contribute music for the final season, where “Honey” first premiered.

Robyn explained in an Instagram post, “After Lena used ‘Dancing On My Own’ in the first season of Girls, in the most amazing way, I was so happy she asked me if she could put another of my songs in the series. I sent her some music I’m working on and she picked ‘Honey.’ It wasn’t ready to be released, but we finished this version for her and Girls.”