Electronic R&B group Rituals of Mine released the video for their new single, “Burst”. Filmed in Sacramento, California, the video was directed by Kris Esfandiari and Colette Levesque, and produced by Courtney Fairchild with a creative team of queer, women, and transgender crew. Both the song and video are haunting, yet ethereally captivating. Grimy Goods says, “[BURST] serves as a direct metaphor for defeating the obstacles as a queer woman of color in the industry.” Acid Stag adds that the video, “utilizes a basketball backdrop to highlight a coping mechanism used by the artists in their youth to deal with their issues.” The single is off their forthcoming EP, SLEEPER HOLD, due out October 4th on Carpark Records.

The Los Angeles-based duo are lead singer singer/songwriter Terra Lopez and percussionist Adam Pierce who describe their sound as an intricate blend of 90’s trip hop, footwork and  downtempo R&B. Rituals of Mine is a direct descendant of Lopez’ original project Sister Crayon formed over 10 years ago. Lopez shared this intimate post on Facebook in March 2018:

Photo credit: Jeffrey LaTour. Make up by: Stacey Hinchman

“In 2008, I played my first show as Sister Crayon in a living room in my hometown of Sacramento, CA. It was just myself, an MPC 1000, my grandfather’s classical guitar, a bag of thrift store toys and a beautiful crowd of open-hearted people. Over the years Sister Crayon evolved with the addition of Danielle Fernandez, Genaro Ulloa, Nicholas Suhr, Jeffrey LaTour and a few others who undeniably contributed and developed the sound of the project. I am so grateful for every single person who has been involved with this project over the years – I have learned so much from you and am so grateful for your creative input and friendship. I’ve never had any concrete expectations when it came to music other than to express myself fully, to be genuine in my writing process, to leave every single ounce of my heart on stage every single time we played a show, to never become stagnant with creating and to constantly push boundaries with every single release. 2018 marks the 10th year of performing under the Sister Crayon/Rituals of Mine name and with that, the project is evolving and taking a new, beautiful, exciting shape. On this upcoming tour, you will see a refined version of Rituals of Mine featuring my incredible drummer, Adam Pierce and I. We will debut a new set of material, brand new merchandise and a new light show with the same heart, spirit and passion we’ve always brought to the stage every single night. Thank you for your support, love and devotion over the last 10 years. Thank you for making my dreams come true. I cannot wait to show you this next chapter of ROM – it’s the music I’ve always envisioned making.”


AUG 31st – Creeks in Tucson, AZ **HOCO Fest: Wicca Phase Springs Eternal, Dana Dentata
SEP 6th – Otis Mountain Get Down in Elizabethtown, NY
SEP 7th – w/NGHTCRWLR, Elsewhere Zone One in Brooklyn, NY
SEP 26th – The Olympic Venue in Boise, ID
SEP 27th – Polaris Hall in Portland, OR
OCT 5th – Harlow’s Restaurant & Nightclub in Sacramento, CA