In celebration of International Women’s Month, belated International Women’s Day, and Women’s History Month, ReVoicing the Future is excited to share the live recording of their session at The NAMM Show 2024!

The ReVoicing team of Natalie, Stephanie, and Julia gets into how cultivating intentional community is the key to a sustainable career for women in music, some helpful tools to think intentionally about getting started, and reflections about how music NEEDS you, exactly as you are. 

During the live event, they hosted a 20 minute community building exercise, so are challenging each of you to reflect on the community you want to be a part of and to seek it out for yourself! 

They share a special thanks to Women of NAMM, Women in Music, The Women’s International Music Network (The WiMN), Gritty in Pink, SheQ Audio, Women’s Audio Mission, and Girls Make Beats for taking the time to come together and inspire more community building within the industry. 

Listen to ReVoicing the Future LIVE at NAMM

This episode was co-produced and edited by Natalie Morrison, Stephanie Lamond, and Julia Olsen.  

Music by: Lucky Lamond
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