Rachel Grae Offers Poignant Apology with “Daughter”

This Mother’s Day, quickly emerging pop star Rachel Grae is giving her mom a heartfelt apology and appreciation following an all too familiar fight.

Emotional single “Daughter” is out today with a touching video featuring footage of Rachel’s fans with their moms, as well as her own mom’s reaction to the song (full reaction video on TikTok here).

Touching on the sometimes messy and complicated relationship daughters have with their mothers, Rachel explains writing the track after a fight with her mom before leaving for a trip: “I thought this would be the best way I could show her without just telling her. I didn’t really know how to put it into words until I sat down to write. That was my first time ever crying while writing a song.”

Rachel won’t likely be the last person to cry at these lyrics. It seems more often than not, relationships with mothers can be complicated, and it’s powerful to bring this truth into the light. By sharing the struggles of every one of our relationships a bit more, we can all find healing together. When Rachel sings in the chorus “We’re not like my friends and their mothers, we’re too good at hurting each other”, I’m reminded of the universality of that heartbreak, as this struggle and that exact language I’m more familiar hearing coming from my AAPI community. “Daughter” could be companion listening to Michelle Zauner’s Crying in H Mart.

Perhaps Rachel has offered not just an apology to her own mother, but the language for all of us who feel that they “haven’t been a good daughter” to begin to connect.

To give all her fans’ moms their flowers, Rachel’s website will feature a running montage of all of the photos & videos fans submitted for the video, as well as a Spotify canvas that will play different fan-submitted clips every day for the first month of release.

Listen to “Daughter” HERE.
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