CAMBRIDGE, UK, 13 April 2018: Marillion, on tour and performing at the Corn Exchange, Cambridge, England, UK. Photo by: Alison Toon Photography.

Despite music concerts and tours starting up again, many have had to cancel or postpone some shows… and even full tours. This is largely due to band members contracting COVID-19, or who continue to struggle with mental health stress and anxiety stemming from the global pandemic.

One UK band has found a way to insure everyone involved should a show or tour cancel. Marillion will kick off their Light as the End of the Tunnel tour in November, and launched the Lightsavers campaign. The campaign acts as a crowd-insurance fund, indemnifying the losses if concerts are affected by COVID. The money pledged by fans will go into escrow: if all goes as expected, then the fans receive their pledges back. If the money is needed to pay unavoidable costs due to a COVID issue, Marillion uses the pledge account to pay, including all fans reimbursed. The idea came from their long-time manager, Lucy Jordache!

Read the full blog by Alison Toon here: The Covid Effect: How do you insure your tour/festival? Marillion solved it.

Alison Toon is the official photographer for Marillion, and has captured live performances around the world for over 25 years. Based in Cromer, Norfolk, England, she travels internationally and is also available for promo shoots and portraits. Visit her pages Alison Toon Photography and Toon’s Tunes (