INTERVIEW & PREMIERE: Meet Lady July’s ‘Sad Girl Country’ and her First Single, “Heavy”

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Lady July is a singer-songwriter whose music delves deep into the heart’s most poignant corners, combining compelling lyrics with haunting melodies that resonate with audiences of all walks of life.

Hailing from beyond the beaten path in East County San Diego, her songs bear the indelible mark of her upbringing, crafting a sonic tapestry that mirrors her roots and journey through life.

“Heavy” is an emotionally charged anthem that encapsulates the quintessentially millennial struggle between the craving for the conventional American dream and the desire for a simpler, more authentic life. The song delves deep into the overwhelming weight of societal expectations, where the relentless pursuit of success often leaves us feeling lost and unfulfilled. It paints a vivid picture of a generation torn between ambition and the longing for a peaceful existence. With hauntingly relatable lyrics and a melody that tugs at the heartstrings, “Heavy” is an evocative portrayal of the yearning for a life that allows one to exist in harmony with their true self – in a world that often feels anything but tranquil. 

We’re over the moon to be premiering “Heavy” today before the rest of the music world gets a handle on it later this week!


Lady July herself graciously took some time to tell us more about the recording process, what it’s like being a musican in San Diego, and what’s next.

WIMN: Hi Lady July! We’re excited to be premiering “Heavy” today; firstly, congratulations on your first single release! I remember this moment for me well, it’s a surreal one; how does it feel right now to have your first track almost ‘out there’?
Lady July: Thank you so much! It honestly feels pretty unbelievable. I’ve been
creating and playing my own original music for over 10 years now, and just
haven’t been able to produce a recording I’m proud of. To finally achieve that –
I’m just so excited. I’m so unbelievably proud of this single and can’t wait for it to
be out in the world.

Tell us about “Heavy”; it’s definitely a relatable message these days. When did the song come to you and what was the writing process like?
Gosh, I think I was going down a doom spiral, researching how old
various commercially successful musicians and pop stars were and just feeling
really like I’d missed the boat; like it was too late for me. And then I started
thinking about all the other mile markers of life I hadn’t yet checked off – and the
song just poured out of me. It’s both an “eff you” to societal pressures and also a
eulogy to who I thought I’d be at this age.

Where did you record the track? Any favorite memories from the session(s)?
I recorded with Alex Jacobelli at Sunsick Studios here in San Diego.
He’s such a fantastic musician to work with – never once did I feel shy or afraid to
try something new, talk out a certain part or ask to redo a take. He made me feel
like a real musician (a label I often have trouble using on myself) and I’m
eternally grateful for the time he put into this.

Is there anything or any artist in particular you drew inspiration from for this recording?
I think it was an amalgamation of influences. From Alannah Myles’
grit to Phoebe Bridgers’ emotive style to Jensen McRae’s absolutely insane
songwriter – I pulled from a lot of incredibly talented female musicians.

Give us a snapshot of the San Diego music scene; what’s the community like, and do you have any acts we should all be listening to that you’d like us to shout out? Or venues you love most to play?
The San Diego music scene is very close knit, that’s for sure. That
brings about both positive and negative, but overall it’s an incredibly familial little
group of weirdos and I love it. They’re all so quick to ask you to jam, hop on a
show’s lineup or just give props. And come on – you haven’t really MADE it in
San Diego until you’ve played The Casbah…so that’s a goal of mine.

What’s next for Lady July!
At this stage, I’m looking to get a solidified band behind me. Then I’d
like to play around San Diego a bit more before heading off on a tour. Touring is
a bucket list item for me – and I’m positive I can make it happen soon enough.
Until then, I’ll also be releasing more singles over the coming months!

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Catch Lady July live in San Diego at:

12/1 at Kensington Club
12/15 at Rabbit Hole