By Gabriella Steffenberg

From EOnline
From E! Online

Kesha took stage at The Springwater Lounge in Nashville, Tenn., on Dec. 23 for a surprise performance (on the website calendar, it stated the venue would be “closed” for the evening), reemerging with her band, dubbed Yeast Infection. She’s been laying relatively low and has experienced a tough year filled with the ongoing battle against Dr. Luke and her contracts with Kemosabe Records.

Kesha and the band took a grungy and psychedelic approach to two of her biggest chart toppers, “Blow,” and “Timber.” “Blow” is nearly unrecognizable to her original pop hit in the best way, opening her three-song-set with a dark, stripped-down version, complete with howls. After thanking her fans for their unwavering love, she sang “Timber” with a folks-y vibe, and according to E!, later covered Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love.”

Check out her two hits performed with Yeast Infection below or through her Facebook page: