Julia Olsen Releases Musical Journal Entry “Common Ground”

By imbuing the delicate beauty of a piano ballad with cinematic intensity, Julia Olsen’s “musical journal entry” “Common Ground” captures the power of vulnerability.

To do ethereal folk singer-songwriter Julia Olsen’s new single, “Common Ground”, justice, one would do well to listen with good headphones. It’s full of dynamic builds meticulously arranged that give way to softer, intimate moments, and the texture of her vocals and earnest lyrics carry the listener through the song in a way that’s reminiscent of the subtle power of Rachel Platten, Christina Perri, and Birdy.

Julia shares that, “I went through this process with someone where I felt really let down, but knew if we could have a real conversation and let our walls down, we could from the rubble build common ground.”

“That’s where the song comes from, it’s a question, “can we move forward and be honest and open with each other to build common ground?” I began to think of this idea in a larger context, I feel like often we have a hard time seeing eye to eye with each other, and sometimes we have to not just find common ground, but work to build it.”

Listen to Julia Olsen’s “Common Ground”

A Call for Understanding, Kindness, and Compassion

In keeping with the rest of her catalog, Julia independently wrote, engineered, produced, mixed, mastered, arranged, composed, programmed and sang on the track.

Julia shares, “As a female producer and engineer, I challenged myself to independently create every part of this song in its entirety, its 100% me, female created.”

“I want to ask each listener, can we work together to build common ground with one another? My hope is that this song empowers listeners to work together to build strong relationships that take time to see the perspectives of those around them, and work to build common ground and make this place a more understanding, kind and compassionate community.”

“Common Ground” is available to stream today.

Meet Julia Olsen

Characterized by her ethereal voice and contemplative lyrics, Julia’s music is known for symphonic soundscapes, blending the beauty of a ballad with the intensity of a cinematic story, for a unique creation of honest songs.

Julia describes her music as “ethereal folk with cinematic influences”, coloring between the lines of creative vision and the technical imagination of engineering, to create music that’s strikingly original in full color.

Julia shares about her inspirations in saying, ” I write about strength, pain, loss, love, beauty, hope and the chaos filled wonder in this world. Although the human experience is universal, your story and life is individually unique. I hope my music, stories and songs invite you to freely accept your own journey of Hope.” As a Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Composer, Mix and Mastering Engineer, Julia fully designs every aspect of her music for her listeners to experience the sonic vision she has for each song.

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