The Joy Formidable frontwoman Ritzy Bryan was recently interviewed by the Canadian edition of The Huffington Post to talk about being a role model for young women.

Bryan told the HuffPost it’s important to support aspiring young women without making a big deal of gender.

“I don’t want to ever be too patronizing, because sometimes it just becomes a marketing angle,” said Bryan. “But there are some really great female players and bands out there, and we share their stories.”

She also said that it’s not always easy calling the shots in an environment dominated by men.

“It is hard to call the shots in a male-dominated industry, and we do need to address that part of the machine,” she said. “I’m very passionate about that, and as a frontwoman I’m very much at the creative helm. But I’ve always been a songwriter in a band first, and we write and we sing what we want to sing about. Gender politics is not part of the discussion.”

Read the full interview at TheHuffingtonPost.com, and visit Joy Formidable’s website here.