Virtuosic 20-Year-Old Isolde Fair Releases Cinematic Pop Debut Single “Strip Away”

“I wrote ‘Strip Away’ at 3 a.m., while pacing around my bedroom, trying to figure out how to bring classical and pop music together,” explains Isolde

“I wanted to show what I had learned playing classical violin for 15 years. I was also having some depression. Some past traumatic experiences and being isolated during the pandemic really affected how I interacted with people. I felt like I couldn’t trust anyone. I felt scared. I felt lonely. After I finished writing the song, I felt so much better and much more positive. I started to see the world, people, and my surroundings in a different light.”

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In addition to the audio, Isolde has released two videos for the song:

A New York Story (directed by Jade Moscoe and shot in New York) and a Los Angeles Story (directed by Jarad Schwartz and shot in Los Angeles). 

“For the New York video,” she says, “I wanted to capture the difference between the elegant side and the edgy side of the character I’m portraying – where she is living in a sophisticated environment while wanting to free and find herself in the city. For the L.A. video, I wanted to show the environment I experienced as a kid. I had some attention on me. My birth announcement was in the LA Times and Billboard.”

Meet Isolde Fair

If the name Isolde Fair rings a bell, it might be because of her viral moment right after
 the 2016 presidential election. Isolde posted a video on YouTube (WATCH HERE) of her all-girls music theory class performing a song inspired by Hillary Clinton’s concession speech. Isolde composed the song as part of a class assignment. At the time, she was just 13.
The video quickly amassed tens of thousands of views, and now have over 315K, and eventually caught the attention of Clinton herself. Clinton took to Twitter to praise the song – which was called “To All The Little Girls,” and shared it with her 13 million followers at that time. She even gave Isolde a well-deserved shout-out. As a result, Isolde and her classmates werefeatured in HuffPost, the NY Times, PopSugar, the Daily Mail, and other publications.
Thanks in part to Hillary Clinton, Isolde then performed for 3,000 people at the Lincoln Center for the Women in the World Summit. She performed at the Lincoln Center again just a few years later. 
When Isolde sustained an injury to her right elbow, she was forced to step back from her budding career as a classical violinist and reassess. 
“The injury actually saved my life in the sense that I had a renewed purpose,” shares Isolde. “My tween and teen years were filled with violin lessons, summer camps, concerts, and a demanding practice regimen, and I think subconsciously I had already begun the process of pulling away from all of that to follow my true creative instinct.”
Based in the Los Angeles area, Isolde continues to hone her craft – a pleasing amalgam of classical and pop music. She consistently showcases her well-balanced sense of self awareness, stunning vocal chops, and impressive songwriting prowess. 
“I want to spread art anywhere I can,” she says. “It’s my way of communicating to people. I enjoy it so much and want to do it for the rest of my life. But again, God has a plan and I’m eager to see where he takes me on this incredible journey called life.” 

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