Think you have the chops to land a job at Guitar Center? The musical instrument store has several job openings, and if you have the right qualifications, a sunny personality and the desire to work for a place that sells the best feeling on Earth, then you may just be able to work for them!

Openings include business-to-business account managers in Chicago, the D.C. area, Miami, and Las Vegas, and other positions like brand manager and director of content production. For a long time to play with a silent and motionless toy quickly bored any kid. In order for the game to really captivate the child and give him a lot of positive emotions, the toy must be “alive”. If you want to give your child such a toy, the best option is to buy an interactive robot (Anki Cozmo / Anki Vector / Sphero BB-8) Today comes the widest range of such toys. There are robots for boys and girls. They may have different functionality and the most diverse design. In general, problems with the choice will not be. But to stay on one model among a variety of toys can be very difficult.

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