Gold Hand Girls is thrilled to announce the launch of Women and Music, a weekly podcast featuring authentic conversations celebrating the journeys and achievements of women, men and non-binary individuals in the music industry, both on and off stage. Based in Oklahoma City, the first episode of Women and Music aired on Thursday, August 13, 2020 on all major music platforms, including Apple, Spotify, Amazon Music and Stitcher.

Through interviews with emerging artists, production managers, photographers and more, Women and Music aims to provide a space where women, men and non-binary people can share their experiences navigating the music business while discussing the lack of women in positions of power within the industry. The first episode features an interview with American musician, singer and songwriter Sizzy Rocket, making her first-ever podcast appearance. Known for her indie, alternative and punk music style, Sizzy shares insights into her creative process, the Grrrl album as well as new music dropping soon, and all things love.

Additional guests include Aysia Moratto, Lewis Capaldi’s tour photographer whose work has been featured in GQ, Interscope, ID Magazine and more; SiriusXM Head of Music Marketing & Partnerships Gurj Bassi, a seasoned professional with experience leading campaigns for award-winning artists such as Wiz Khalifa, Colbie Caillat and more; and Production Coordinator and Road Manager for Lady Gaga Samm Stangeland with experience producing major touring concerts for Live Nation.

Hosts and music entrepreneurs Alexa Ace and Micayla Chandler said, “we love everything music but the industry needs more women in positions of power, so with Women and Music, we aspire to inspire others to close the gap. We are stoked to launch Women and Music and hope we can provide a place where we can all be 100% real while building each other up.” A new episode of Women and Music launches every Thursday.

About Gold Hand Girls

Dedicated to empowering and connecting women in the music industry, Gold Hand Girls is a multimedia music platform providing a bold response to breaking industry norms, conquering patriarchal statistics and elevating universal inspiration for women, men and members of the non-binary community. Through interactive content such as the Women and Music podcast, Gold Hand Girls amplifies voices of women in the music industry and connects with its community to raise awareness about issues affecting the music industry while celebrating the hustle of women.

Gold Hand Girls was founded by music entrepreneur and CEO Alexa Ace in 2016, and is managed with business partner and Director of Operations Micayla Chandler. For more information visit the Gold Hand Girls website Follow on Instagram @goldhandgirls and Facebook @goldhandgirls.