North Florida indie-folk songwriter Gileah Taylor’s new single “Summer Jubilee” is out today via Velvet Blue Music.

“Summer Jubilee” paints a picture of idealized childhood innocence and growing up.

It’s centered around the jubilee, a rare event that happens in southern bayous when the water gets so warm that the fish seemingly panic and swim to shore. It feels simultaneously classic and new, like an old friend that can always make you smile.
“I’m a hopeless romantic,” says Gileah. “I imagined my husband when he was little, before we ever met, and this odd event that brings everyone together. We didn’t take our time when we met. I was ready for that next step. It’s about taking your shot.”
“The summer jubilee phenomenon only lasts a few minutes as these fish flood the shore. You have to go do it right now. You have to go grab them. You have to love me right now. It’s a window of time. You can’t can’t let it pass you by.”

Her chamber-pop album Slow Parade (out Apr. 26 via Velvet Blue Music) is an autobiographical concept album about life’s journey from idealized childhoods to choosing happiness as an adult. 

Gileah is a songwriter at the top of her game as piano and guitars join lush orchestral strings in this album exploring dichotomies of depression and hope—all through a filter of family, romance and the secrets that the moon and the sun hold. It’s a record about embracing change, and growing into a better version of yourself.

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