The rock sisters return in a high-energy, nonstop rock anthem that takes a stand for your own sanity.

Deer Park Avenue know how to craft a rock tune.

In their new release “Shut Me Out,” rock sisters Sarah and Steph Snyder delve into the world of manipulation and gaslighting, a control tactic that makes someone question their own reality and doubt themselves. The powerful message is delivered in the sister duo’s unique style of hook-laden indie rock.

It’s also the first song Deer Park Avenue co-wrote with their mother. “The song came
from a conversation we were having with our mom about two-faced friends,” says
Steph (drums, vox). “Sometimes you have people in your life who act like they’re
there for you, but they’re using you – and when you call them on it, they say you’re
overreacting, you’re imagining it.”

“And you have to stand up for your own sanity,” adds Sarah (vox, guitars). “You can’t
let anyone steal your light. We were telling our mom about some people we saw as
friends, but who were lying to us and trying to sabotage us, and she just said,
‘Well…write a song about it.”

“They might shut you down for now, but they can’t shut you out.’”

“Sometimes what feels like the worst thing can turn out to be the best thing,” says
Steph. “When you get people stabbing you in the back, it’s usually a sign you’re
doing something right! So don’t back down. True friends stay with you to the end.”

From their garage beginnings in California, to their Swiss power-pop debut
Conscious Mess in 2020, to their fresh brand of melodic indie rock played to
thousands at summer festivals, Deer Park Avenue is fast becoming one of the
hardest rocking bands on the indie scene today. It’s especially significant that this
Munich-based sister duo are on the rise in a time when the German music scene has
had a notable lack of female representation in the festival circuit, especially in the
rock world.

“I think people are ready for something fresh, for those bands that break rules and
expectations of how a certain genre ‘should’ sound,” says Sarah.

Deer Park Avenue’s virtuosic musicality is enhanced by their painstakingly refined
songwriting chops which leverage cultural satire, hidden meanings, deep
introspection, and even in their darkest tracks, an undeniable positivity. “Shut Me
Out” takes imagery from Pink Floyd, the Titanic, and other cultural icons, turning
metaphors around to make them original and surprising.

For the band’s latest effort, GRAMMY®-winning producer Reto Peter (Green Day, Modest Mouse, Counting Crows) is behind the board to showcase Deer Park Avenue’s melodic brand of fresh rock music. “Shut Me Out” again features GRAMMY® Award-winning drummer Gregg Bissonette (Ringo Starr, David Lee Roth, Brian Wilson) on additional drums.

Sarah and Steph are Indian-American sisters based in Munich, Germany. They are
voting Recording Academy (GRAMMY®) members and have toured internationally in
the US and across Europe supporting artists such as Palaye Royal, Bebe Rexha and
Stefanie Heinzmann. Their technical prowess on their respective instruments has
earned them endorsement deals with Epiphone, Paiste Cymbals, Blackstar Amps,
Alvarez Guitars, Dixon Drums, and Aquarian Drumheads.

Deer Park Avenue will release an EP in November 2023, with a sophomore LP
slated for 2024. “Shut Me Out” is now playing on all platforms including Spotify,
Amazon Music, and Apple Music, where it has landed placement in 5 editorial
playlists. For more info, visit

Listen to “Shut Me Out”