By Gabriella Steffenberg here

“Here” by Alessia Cara is the 18-year-old’s lead single produced by Aaron A, featuring samplings of Portishead and Isaac Hayes.

As the fresh face of Def Jam Records, the Ontario native’s debut album is in the works. “Here” is an autobiographical penning by Cara, an unimpressed partygoer.

While many cite high school memories to wild nights and crazy house parties, Cara is over the whole scene. From being continuously hit on, witnessing someone who “can’t handle what’s in his cup,” and gossiping girls, that scenario is the last place where Cara wants to be. The refreshing take on the societal expectation of the teenage years is masterfully paired with Cara’s old-school vocals, with a clear Amy Winehouse influence.

Along with her strong voice and witty lyrics, the music video that dropped on May 26, features many of the partygoers who were at the party that inspired the song. Check out “Here” for yourself: