BXRRELL Tunes Out the “White Noise”

When singer-songwriter Sophie Burrell stumbled across an advert of herself on Facebook that she hadn’t agreed to, she opened the comments to find reams of spiteful comments from men: uncalled-for insults about her playing and appearance.

She was shook. Only 20-years-old at the time, Sophie was new to the social media landscape as a successful female guitarist influencer. But, this was an experience she would come up against time after time, so it’s no surprise that it’s rearing its head as a major lyrical theme.

Fast forward 4 years and mens’ misogynistic comments still prey on many female artists’ online, but now Sophie reflects on it with a cool-headed confidence:

“White Noise is about how all these ‘tough boys’ sit there behind their screens sharing unwanted opinions, hate and misogyny. I like to “tune it out” so to speak, it becomes White Noise… just a crackly little detail in the back of my mind, nothing more.”

Her unfazed composure is evident in the track, which packs a playful punch infused with uplifting nonchalance, proving that the best revenge is to quite literally, live your best life. 

It’s timely then, that White Noise is released during Women’s History Month, a reminder that there’s still work to be done.


BXRRELL are stoked to announce that they’re playing their debut UK tour, 6 dates across the country throughout May and June. Expect a night of face-melting guitar licks and plenty of dancing with support from punk-rock artist, Tilly Kingston.

30th May – Manchester
31st May – Newcastle
2nd June – Glasgow
5th June – Wolverhampton
6th June – London
7th June – Bristol

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