Pioneering artist Beatie Wolfe will bring her “Trees & Seas” eco-documentary to the Oceanside Film Festival this Friday, February 23.

Have you ever wondered how the tools of your trade can be crafted with the climate in mind?

Artist Beatie Wolfe was inspired to explore just that via her guitar and its materials, taking us on a journey from CalFire’s reclaimed urban wood initiative with Taylor Guitars to NOAA’s abalone rewilding efforts; looking at how we can build new sustainable circular economies, while drawing wisdom from the true custodians of the land.

Using Wolfe’s guitar as a lens, the documentary explores key local conservation initiatives in California across its land and ocean.

The Oceanside Film Festival premiere will include a special Q&A post-screening featuring Beatie and guests Andy Powers, CEO of Taylor Guitar, and Melissa Neuman of NOAA.

Explore and purchase tickets here:

PREMIERE // 23rd Feb 2024 (5pm)
Oceanside International Film Festival
w/ Andy Powers (Taylor CEO) & Melissa Neuman (NOAA)

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