By Myki Angeline

Kathleen Farless recently released her pop single, “Just Like That” which she wrote, performed, and produced independently. The L.A. based singer/songwriter began her U.S. music career in 2010, but has been writing and producing music in the Philippines since 1995. Her writing talents extend to commercial jingles (Licorice Godiva, Grosby Shoes) and song credits with artists like Jennifer Mendoza and Melissa Gibbs. She is an accomplished pianist as well who first gain popularity with her hit single, “Masquerade” in 2011. Since then Farless has released several singles and performed in venues like Witzend, The Mint, and Cafe Cordiale.

What is even more impressive about Farless is that not only is she an active recording artist – she is also a full time registered nurse who spends her free time writing and playing music. Her desire to pursue a music career originated during her college years at Far Eastern University in Manila. There she immersed herself in the arts with Glee Club, theater groups, and performing in musicals. She studied to be a nurse during the day, and focused on writing and recording at night. Her perseverance paid off and now her career as a nurse helps fund her passion in music.

Farless’ goals in 2019 are more live performances and continued music collaborations. Her next single, “Who I Am” will release in the early part of next year. The track is a powerful anthem on being proud of who you are, “I wrote this song to inspire and empower people with dreams to fight self-doubt.” she says, “I include myself on this one, with all the rejections I received from the music industry. WE need to be stronger and just keep going!”

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