Monday, July 22, 2019

Music News

Rockwired Magazine Interview with Tish Ciravolo

Tish Ciravolo, founder of Daisy Rock Guitars, recently held a Q&A session with Rockwired Magazine. Read the interview on page 52 of the digital issue at>> The WiMN will be honoring Tish at the upcoming She Rocks Awards, which...

Crowd-Funding 101: What Every Musician Needs for a Successful Campaign

As labels seem to dry up while the record industry continues to shift, more musicians are taking their careers into their own hands. In this article, learn the ins and outs of running a successful crowd-funding campaign. Read more...

Interview with Kaki King

When you sit down to listen to Kaki King’s new release, Glow, you’ll be struck by the pristine recording quality, the crystal-clear tone, the acoustic separation and the compositions that stem from masterful and moving arpeggiations. But it’s when...

Girl Rock Nation: How To Tune Your Guitar

Jen Trani of Girl Rock Nation demonstrates a couple guitar tuning techniques. Check it out  at>>