Mandy Mosher and Kristen Profit of Calico The Band

By Myki Angeline

Americana duo Mandy Mosher and Kristen Profit are set to release their sophomore album on both CD and digital release July 21.  The band name Calico is short for “California Country”, which encompasses their signature sound. Under Blue Skies delivers 12 beautiful, new tracks under their company California Country Records, LLC.

Each song was written from a very personal and vulnerable standpoint; they pull you in and make you connect with Mosher and Profit.  My personal favorites “Fine Line”, “Love Gets In The Way”, and “The Leaving Kind” really touched my heart in such a way, I found myself relating with my own love and relationship experiences.

American Songwriter Magazine, writes, “Just when it seemed that the term ‘Americana’ was being hopelessly diluted and unfocused, along comes CALICO the band to define the term for us with new vigor and focus. In the hands and spirit of these gifted ladies, Americana is reborn… It’s there in lyrics which speak with urgency of modern times, with music of great passion and beauty, cloaked in warm acoustics and close harmonies.”


Calico The Band continues their tour through Sept 17.  For tour dates and to pre-order the album, visit their website:

Below is their live performance of “The 405” from Under Blue Skies!



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